You wouldn’t purchase a commercial property in Chicago from a real estate agent who sells homes in Arkansas, would you?


The charter yacht industry is an ever-changing, world-wide industry, so we stick with the niche we know because we’ve lived it: crewed luxury yachts.   

Plus, we only represent yachts in areas that we have personally cruised in. This allows us to make the best possible recommendations and add as much value as possible

You will have access to intimate, first-hand knowledge of some of the most exotic destinations of the world, since we have lived and worked on charter yachts in the following 40+ countries over the last 12 years.



                  Turks & Caicos
                  Puerto Rico
                  Dominican Republic
                  US Virgin islands
                  British Virgin islands
                  St. Maarten
                  St. Barts
                  St. Kitts
                  St. Lucia
                  St. Vincent & Grenadines
                  Trinidad & Tobago
                  Cayman islands

Central & South America

                  Costa Rica
                  Western Mexico
                  French Guyana 

 North America 

                   Eastern US coast
                   Vancouver,    B.C
                   Southern California 


Safaris and Tours of Southern Africa (I am a South African citizen and homeowner as well) 


South Pacific

                      Soceity Islands
                      Cook Islands
                      New Caledonia
                      New Zealand
                      Great Barrier Reef
                      Easter Island
                      Pitcairn Island